Shelon Douglas

Shelon currently serves as a Managing Partner and Founder/CEO to BizTechIQ™, a hands-on Startup Incubator + Pre/Post – Accelerator for High-Tech Startups founded by students, entertainers, athletes and professionals. [The accelerator program is limited in size so as to provide bright, driven innovators with the guidance and support customized to their businesses. BizTechIQ provides formal mentorship from industry experts, partnerships, relationship guidance, as well as, an curriculum that covers 12 business architecture elements. In addition to capital investment, BizTechIQ provides opportunities to showcase your startup to investors, press and other industry leaders.] She is also the creator of her proprietary [digital channel] technology that engages users within an immersion social and digital network experience known as Webtelligence™, a robust and scalable gateway created for startup ‘brand’ recognition, awareness, collaboration, distribution, and cross pollination within the digital sphere. Her sole mission is helping others create opportunities around the globe from idea-to-exit stage of their Startup to providing access to opportunities, resources and high yield networks.

As an added value to her community of business owners, organizations and partners, Shelon serves as an Investment Advisor in Commercial Real Estate providing real estate strategy, services and support with rental/leasing (i.e., office, industrial, and/or retail) space and/or acquisition of structured and non-structured properties.

In addition to Shelon’s fund/incubator program, technology and investing efforts, she has been active with several non-profit organizations and is currently the head organizer for LA Female Business Owners now known as FBO 2.0 based out of Greater Los Angeles. Following this chapter is the launch of its 2nd chapter located in Atlanta, Georgia with 8 additional chapters soon to follow that are being formed to engage, promote and support the growing community of [minority] women and young female innovators of STEAM fields to pursue 21st Century tech development, social change and entrepreneurship  opportunities within the US and Global Markets – offered by her CodeTechIQ non-profit organisation.

She’s lectured at a variety of colleges and universities such as USC, UCLA, Pepperdine University, Los Angeles Southwest College and others to discuss different stages within a process of a startup focused in areas such as (but not limited to): ideation process, executing ideas through strategic innovation, marketplace validation, business model designing, pitch positioning and strategy implementation with formatting multi-channel, cross-channel and omni-channel technologies.

As Shelon’s life is defined by innovation fueled by passion for education and public service, she has been recognized as a change agent and trailblazer by numerous influencers, organizations and publications including (but not limited to): Recognized by White House’– President Barak Obama and awarded as one of the ‘Points of Light National Presidential’ Award, National Sales Network LA Visionary Award, interviewed on The DialogueLA Radio Show, Soul Kisses TV, Entrpreneureel Network and written featured publications by CNN Commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins and The Lovick Career Journal Magazine! Shelon loves eating good ‘healthy’ food, working out, and spending quality time with her two children where they reside in Los Angeles, CA.

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